Manager of Safety, Health and Environment

Position Overview: 

This is a mid to upper level management position in the hospitality sector (lodging, country club, and marina) that will interact with various cross-sectional teams within the organization to promote and ensure an environment that is safe and healthy for employees as well as guests, while also preserving company assets through property protection and loss prevention. The successful candidate will train, coach and monitor safety team members, and confirm the consistent execution of company standards for safety, health, and property protection.

In general, this position is responsible for the effective implementation of the organization’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, Emergency Operations Plan (for natural disasters), and the fire safety plan (which includes evacuation plans).


  • Ensure continuing implementation of the company Injury & Illness Prevention Plan; recommend operational enhancements as necessary.
  • Coordinate with Human Resources to provide, and in some cases, conduct, safety-related training and orientation for new employees.
  • Implementation of the organization’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, Emergency Operations Plan (for natural disasters), and the fire safety plan (which includes evacuation plans). Once established; the incumbent is responsible for implementation, and where appropriate, recommending enhancements to these plans.
  • Participate in departmental safety audits, and coach managers & supervisors in conducting effective safety audits of their operations.
  • Monitor the organization’s facilities and operations for compliance with applicable regulatory standards, including OSHA, Fire Department, and agencies responsible for environmental protections
  • Maintain, in a state of readiness, the emergency operations plan (EOP) for each facility
  • In concert with the emergency management team leader, coordinate actions regarding disaster preparedness, emergency response, and disaster recovery for each facility.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the company Fire Safety and Emergency Operations Plans for each facility; plan and ensure that fire drills and prevention and evacuation procedures are conducted, and that they are effective.
  • Investigate all actual or potential loss-producing events, including injury or property damage (employee or guest).
  • Oversee the organization’s Safety and Access Control Department and the related operations of the Safety and Access Control team; provide input and direction.
  • Interface with safety-related governmental agencies, such as OSHA, the Fire Department, and agencies responsible for environmental protection (in concert with management). 


  • Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in safety and 10+ years of overall safety experience or,
  • Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) in safety (or a related science) and 5-7 years of overall safety experience.
  • Associate Safety Professional (ASP) designation or higher, or the Certified Occupational Safety & Health Technologist (COHST) designation (Equivalents may be considered).
  • Some prior experience in a hospitality-related environment (lodging, food & beverage, country club, etc.) preferred.
  • Some experience in overseeing security operations preferred.
  • Demonstrated skills in training and development; ability to make effective presentations.
  • The ability to influence cross-sectional teams without necessarily having formal authority.
  • Able to accommodate a flexible work schedule that includes scheduling vacations during off season months.
  • LOCATION: Southwest Florida               
  • COMPENSATION: Flexible commensurate with experience and qualifications     
  • CONTACT:   Submit resumes to:
  •  Jack H. Luckhardt, CSP. ARM